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Having held many positions in Early Childhood Education for over twenty years, Lynette is proud and blessed to say that she has worked in south Jersey and central Jersey at small private preschools as well as large child care centers. She has served as Educator, Curriculum Creator, new center Advisor, Camp Program Director, Camp Counselor, VBS Director, and Center Co-Director.

 Lynette's Psychology degree is what is considered a related field to Early Childhood Education, it is complimentary to the creation of curricula, creation of child friendly and self esteem building activities and environments, and is integral in the evaluation of student abilities and emotions.

This background also supports Lynette's knowledge in brain development and behavior in which we know that  P L A Y is of utmost importance in the world of the youngest learners.

Lynette holds additional college credits in the fields of Education and Visual Arts. Therefore, her interests and abilities lie in the creation of materials, a mastery of Kindergarten Readiness activities, and sensory exploration.

Also a love of Lynette's which is an important part of the young child's world is ART exploration which is the basis of much early learning. As part of the Golden Footsteps Curriculum, created for Classmates' Preschool in West Long Branch NJ by Lynette and Eileen Golden, Lynette calls this "Smart Art". This encompasses so much including material arts such as painting and gluing, but also THE Arts such as music, dance, and celebrating diverse cultures.

Lynette has a great interest in science and nature with a belief that engaging children in the natural world around them is integral to them building their brain power. Making science and nature a big part of a preschool environment is a wonderful way to expand children's worlds and scaffold their skill sets.

Lynette's position is that it is essential for the physical environment to be planned and executed for DISCOVERY.  The setting and surroundings should make learning accessible and interesting to curious minds which can actively and safely explore!

Jesus is my savior, and I am extremely blessed to be able to teach little children about HIM. My time spent at Christian Preschools is the crowning glory to my career.

Eileen Golden, MA ED, is not only a wonderful and effective Preschool Teacher, but she is also Lynette's mom and her Mentor. Lynette considers it an honor to have worked and enjoyed a rich tutelage under the direction and care of Eileen for many years.  This is certainly the most valuable education Lynette has received and will carry with her always. Learn more (coming soon) about Eileen here.

Lynette continues her Professional Training presently, keeping current with most recent findings from other professionals and researchers in this field. On this page, please find a list of her most current training.

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