Sunday, July 3, 2016

Our Sand Tent is a SUCCESS!!

Have you seen the sand tenst on pintrest?

Perhaps you heard your fb friends talking about their sand tents...

I had seen and heard both and was excited to try this at home...boy, am I glad I did.

This little tent was purchased from zulily for Kev on a previous Father's Day.

This week when we pulled it out of the closet and realized it had a lip on the bottom edge, a nice strong water proof plastic, as well as a bug screen and several zippered areas at the entry we knew it would be a winner!!

The sand is from Home Depot, we used 3- 50 pound bags in the tent/  It does not fill the tent, instead appears to cover about a third of the inside area. P likes that as there is a spot with no sand where she can sit if she does not want to get particularly sandy (though believe me, she LOVES to get really sandy)

If you wish to fill a tent of this size you will need so much more sand.

There was a special >> 4- 50 pound bags for 9 dollars on the "play" sand at our local Home Depot this week.  :-D

We used 3 bags worth in the tent and saved one of the bags for P to play with in a tote where she could wet the sand down. We simply poured the sand and some water in a very large plastic bin, where she played to her hearts content.

In the tent I made sure P had a soft rounded shovel to keep form poking holes in the tent floor, we added a plastic spatula, pail, and various soft plastic cups, etc.

She is enjoying the dry sand in the tent!

After a few days the sand is completely dry and clean, as well as bug free. The last week here in our neck of NJ the weather has been muggy, there was a BIG rain storm, and there have been ants, bees, and lots of beetles in our yard....people, the sand is DRY and CLEAN.

I declare this project fabulously successful!

Here are some photos of Kev and P putting the tent together.

Please leave a comment and let us know if you have tried this as well. Thanks!

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