Monday, May 2, 2016

Mermaid's Grotto

P's little mermaid was up for some adventure so we very quickly created a little playscape for her.

This grotto was super easy, super quick, and is yielding so much fun!

There is also a little learning-readiness hidden within the waves while P categorizes the hidden gems from the sunken treasure.

These little items are part of a larger sensory bin I am working on, Pirates Treasure, which I look forward to showing you in the coming weeks.

In fact, we will be making several sensory bins to share with you this spring.

These bins are really easy to do, they simply take a little creativity and the hardest part (which is not hard at all) is tracking down and then collecting your little additions.

Easy but LOADS 'O FUN and wonderful for learning and sensory experiences. 

We tossed this little grotto together very fast today and added H2O. It includes:
  • wavy plastic bowl just large enough for one sweet mermaid (craft store)
  • mermaid "barbie" (craft store)
  • dark blue jewels (craft store)
  • light blue gems (craft store)
  • gold coins (craft store)
  • heart treasures ( craft store)
  • water beads (the teeny bag makes LOTS but we used a tiny handful of them in our grotto to create that floaty magical effect. amazon, see link below)
 Here is our amazon affiliate link which we are utilizing to help raise funds for our China-adoption process. Thanks!