Sunday, July 24, 2016

Oreo Moon Phases- SUCCESS!

Yes, we tackled the Oreo moon phases challenge!

The challenge for me was : Can mommy make this poster without eating ALL of the oreos?

The challenge for 5 year old little P was to attempt the following:

  •  Draw the earth. include North and South America as well as the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
  • Prepare the oreos in relation to the pinterest page we found here: (this involved leaving one whole, and scraping off various amounts of filling for the rest, cracking off pieces of the chocolate cookies, etc) 
  • Place around the earth by looking at the pinterest picture and placing in the proper places. (P did these three above steps with minimal direction and lots of positive motivation)
  • Discuss opposites as they are discovered (led by mommy)
  • Add vocabulary words to our repertoire: waxing, waning, gibbous (new word introduction led by mommy; we knew the words new, full, moon, third, first, and quarter, though not necessarily in this context) 
  • Practice and point a few times.  (led by mommy)
  • After a short break with a full tummy, return to draw each of these moons on the page so you can keep a poster with your work. :) We are on that step right now.  
We hope you will try this as well. It was really fun!

Plus we are doing a SPACE theme at camp this coming week where little P is in my classroom with me. See, below, a picture of one of our rocket posters, and our BLAST OFF counting poster for a movement activity we will do this week. Not pictured, we also added planet, astronaut, and space rock manipulatives to the sand table. wheeeeeee- such fun!!

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  1. I heard lots of learning going on during this activity.Get children involved with hands on activities and learning is sure to follow.My friend from The Texas School for the Blind pointed out the invaluable aspect of touch with this project.Several other senses are also present for all kinds of learners.It's a winner .Thanks for documenting this one,Lynette.


For the children, Lynette