Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let's get grooving

It has been a while friends.

Welcome Teachers, Homeschoolers, Mommies, Daddies, Caretakers, Students. Join us!

It is time to get things grooving along here at Play and Discover.

To catch you up, last year Mrs. D and I had an awesome school year at Kings! We loved our kids, parents, and working together.

Personally, I became very busy as I was working, along with my husband, on the adoption of our daughter from China....so please excuse my absence from the blog.

A long way for this Jersey girl. Pictured here with my husband at The Great Wall.

I can excitedly tell you that I am home with her now while working a part time job at church. And she is home 6 months from China as of this January 2013.

Our daughter home for 6 months.

She will be making many appearances as a great model for all the DIY learning activities I look forward to spotlighting here at Play and Discover. It is my hope to help her blossom and explore learning, along with sharing opportunities to do so with you and your family.

While most of what I will initially post will be preschool related, from toddlers through young fives, many can surely be altered or added to, in order to make them more challenging for older children. 

I believe in hands on learning, and "safe" risk taking that allows children to learn real life lessons.

I believe that Jesus must be part of the process, for my family this is paramount, so I will happily share some bible based lessons or themes here and there. 

More recently (after being pulled kicking and screaming into the digital age in the preschool classroom) I am exploring the merits of using technology in the classroom or the home-classroom. If done in just the right way, with limited, specific, guided use, I now think it can be a wonderful tool. (there, I said it, and even used the word "wonderful"...gasp)

Looking forward to Miss Eileen also sharing her expertise.

And perhaps special highlights from others in the field. 

Come by, come often, comment, and share.

For the children,
Miss Lynette

stay tuned for: a micro look at the classroom through hands-only and centers pics; and Chinese New Year  " CNY "

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For the children, Lynette