Friday, January 25, 2013

Chinese or "Lunar" New Year: classroom in pictures

Here is a visually representation of Chinese New Year in my classroom last year.

It is called Lunar New Year, which includes other Asians who celebrate, for example, my Korean friends call it Lunar New Year.  :)

We were blessed enough to have a mom come in who is from China, and she shared a special snack with us (the pink fish) and traditional Chinese clothing, a story, and more! 

My co-teacher's friend allowed us to borrow her dragon puppet  (it is actually a Lion!)

Our friends at amazon have one for sale:

Hope you find some inspiration for your CNY or LNY celebrations.

A blog post will soon show you some project possibilities for your special day whether it be at home or in a classroom.  For now, enjoy these images. 

For the children,
Miss Lynette

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For the children, Lynette